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SAFCON SECURITY SEAL, a Calcutta based manufacturer of Tamper Evident Security Seals for a wide range of applications including Meter Seals, Container Seals, Airline Seals, Cash Bag Seals etc. has recently been awarded ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification by TUV CERT of Germany, an accredited ISO Certifying Body. The certification includes all designs and development activities and confirms that SAFCON has a strong customer focus that is evident in all its operations and processes. The Certification provides additional assurance, from the independent body, to customers and business partners that SAFCON has the systems and procedures in place to provide products and services of consistently high quality.

"It is an achievement of vision of our Chairman, Late T.C. Banka, who wanted to have an international recognition of what the company always has been following since its inception", says Mr. Rajesh Kumar Banka, the CEO of Safcon Security Seal. 

He continues "it is a great moment of pride, but unfortunately our Chairman, Late T.C. Banka, is not there with us today to share the glory. This achievement is a tribute to him from SAFCON's team. His policies, business plans, actions, product developments, commitments and services were always focused towards customer satisfaction. He always motivated his employees to be quality conscious and work towards customer satisfaction. It was his foresighted vision that SAFCON came into existence a decade ago when people in India were unaware about Tamper Evident Security Seals."

SAFCON is a professional manufacturer of Security Seals having their business spread worldwide. "We adhere to security and business practices to ensure that our customers can rely on our security products and have their peace of mind. We take every possible step to safeguard interest of thousand of our customers located globally." Says Mr. Rajesh. 

Over the years, Safcon has specialised in Electric Meter Seals and offer a range of Tamper Evident Security Seals for Electric Meter protection. Their Metgrip Security Seal has become favourite meter seal of many International and Domestic Electric Distribution Companies and Meter Manufacturers. In addition to Electric Meter Seal, SAFCON offers a range of security seals for Containers, Trucks, Petroleum Tankers, Bulk Drugs and Pharmaceutical Packaging, Banks, Airlines, Courier Bags, Postal Bags as per latest international trends & practices. 

The new version of the ISO quality standard places a greater emphasis on top management involvement in the quality system. Additionally, the audit for compliance with the standard now examines the extent to which a company's quality system contains customer focused elements including understanding needs, meeting requirements, keeping customers informed and measuring satisfaction. The benefits of ISO 9001:2000 are as follows:

  • Continual improvement throughout the business.

  • Increased emphasis on the role of top management.

  • Consideration of statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Establishment of measurable objectives at relevant functions and levels.

  • Monitoring of information on customer satisfaction as a measure of system performance.

  • Increased attention to resource availability.

  • Competence and the determination of the effectiveness of training.

  • Measurements extended to the system, processes and products.

  • Analysis of collected data on the performance of the quality management system.

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